A Funding Alternative for School Cafeterias, Libraries or Makerspace Renovations and Remodeling

 A challenge for all of us is funding the necessary improvements required for our high use and critical school areas, specifically our cafeterias, libraries and maker spaces. The lack of funding often prevents our kids from access to technology and a space that is conducive to the hands on collaborative learning environments. Worse yet, is the low participation rates in cafeterias because the environment is cold and sterile, not a place you want to be in. So how do we effect and drive a... Read More
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How can you increase school cafeteria participation in school lunch programs?

To understand how to increase the participation, we have to understand why many students do not want to be there.  Many Middle School, Junior High Schools and High Schools have very low cafeteria participation rates in our school lunch programs.  Some as low as 30% of the student population, with quite a few as low as 40%. Even at closed campuses. So why is it that there is a reluctance amongst our students to participate and gather in the lunch room?  The reasons vary a little... Read More
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