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We have one of the largest laminate selections in the market today. With our extensive laminate choices, you can break free from the dull and drab - by adding color and style to liven up your dining space. High-quality laminates increase the life of your cafeteria table. Our laminates resist scratching, fading and staining, and meet or exceed NEMA specifications.

Stocked, QuickShip and Standard Laminate Colors
Our Stocked and QuickShip Laminate colors are listed below. Unlike our competitors, there is no upcharge for picking laminates from our Top Standard Laminates in lieu of the Stocked Laminates colors! The only difference is that our Stocked Laminates are on hand in various quantities, and selecting from the Top Standard Laminates may increase your lead time.  When choosing your laminate color from the 2019 Wilsonart™ brochure, please note that Palmer Hamilton standards are all colors ending with ‘-38’ or ‘-60’.  Exceptions apply to colors that begin with a ‘Y’ or end with a ‘K-38’ or ‘K-60’.  All premium colors are subject to an upcharge.  Please contact Palmer Hamilton with questions regarding color selection.  

Choose from standard laminates included in Palmer Hamilton list pricing ending in '-38' or '-60' on the Wilsonart™ website under Standard Designs.

stocked and Quickship laminates

Fusion Maple        Golden Oak        Grey Glace

Fusion Maple                                                         Golden Oak                                                            Grey Glace

Montana Walnut         Wild Cherry        White Nebula

Montana Walnut                                                    Wild Cherry                                                             White Nebula