Palmer Hamilton is honored to have been awarded these four prestigious national contracts. As part of our commitment to quality service, these contracts enable us to provide an even easier purchasing experience for our customers.

Contract No:121919-PHL Design, Furniture & Installation for Dining, Librarires & Fab Labs

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) connects you to nationally-leveraged contract pricing from leading vendors.

Sourcewell Contracts are competitively bid on your behalf, and can save you time, money and effort.  

Sourcewell membership is free, with no obligation to purchase. Membership is free, join today.

Sourcewell is a State of Minnesota local government agency and service cooperative created under the laws of the State of Minnesota (Minnesota Statutes Section 123A.21) that offers cooperative procurement solutions to its members.  Participation is open to all levels of governmental entity, higher education, K-12 education, nonprofit, tribal government, and other public entities located in the United States and Canada.

Additional information:

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BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing – two contracts

(1) Contract Number: 584-19 
Contract Name: Furniture for School, Office, Science, Library and Dormitory 
Effective Dates: 04/01/2019 through 03/31/2020
Renewed through 3/31/2021

(2) Contract Number: 598-19
Contract Name: Food Service Equipment & Supplies / Item 5: Counters, Tables, Shelving, Cabinets and Sinks; and Item 11: Dining Furniture, Artwork, Décor and Design
Effective Dates: 12/01/2019 through 11/30/2020, with two possible one-year renewals.
*NOTE: The National Purchasing Cooperative (National Cooperative) has awarded a corresponding Piggy-Back BuyBoard Award for National Cooperative members in states other than Texas

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is available for use by all public and private schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties, and other government entities. The purpose of TIPS is to provide school districts and other governmental entities opportunities for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services. A school district, or other TIPS Member, can benefit from the cost savings of time and expense of the bid process.

Contract Number: 200301
Contract Number: Furniture, Furnishings and Services
Effective Dates: 5/21/2020 through 5/31/2023




Palmer Hamilton is proud to be an awarded vendor on several State Contracts as listed below.
Please call your customer service representative at Toll Free 800-788-1028 to request a full list of our contracts.

State of Alabama MA T390 Furniture Contract 

Contract Number:      MA 999 17000000047
Contract Name:     Furniture    
Effective Dates:     03/01/2017 – 02/28/2022 

Furniture Categories:
Seating, Tables, Bookcases/Storage, Educational


State of Florida Alternate Contract Source (ACS)

Contract Number: 56120000-19-ACS
Contract Name: Furniture 
Effective Dates: 06/14/2019 through 12/01/2023 

State of Georgia Contract 

  • Contract Number: 9999-001-SPD0000100-0076  
  • Contract Name: Office, Computer and Educational Furniture 
  • Effective Dates: February 3, 2017 – February 2, 2019 
    Extended to February 2, 2020    Extended to February 2, 2021.

Company Overview 

Product Offerings 

Price Lists 

Ordering Instructions 

Authorized Servicing Dealers 


State of Mississippi Contract 

Contract Number: 8200045660
Contract Name: Cafeteria, Dormitory, Library Shelving and Related Furniture, Lounge, Modular Office, School Furniture, Seating, Wood Desk and Wood Credenzas
Effective Dates: 07/01/2019 through 06/30/2020


State of New York Contract 

Contract Number: PC68399
Contract Name: Furniture, All Types (Except Hospital room and Patient Handling) 
Effective Dates: 12/02/2018 through 12/01/2023


State of North Carolina Contract 

  • Contract Number: STC 420A
  • Contract Name: Statewide Term Contract STC 420A Furniture

Effective Dates: January 13, 2020 through June 30, 2022 with the option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods

State of Pennsylvania Contract

Contract Number: 4400016592 - Change 3
Contract Name: Commercial Furniture 
Effective Dates: 5/1/2017 through 4/30/2019 EXTENDED to 04/30/2021


State of South Carolina Contract 

  • Contract Number: 4400023619
  • Contract Name: Statewide Term Contract for Furniture
  • Effective Dates: 03/28/2020 through 12/05/2024

Ordering Instructions

Authorized Dealers


Palmer Hamilton is proud to be a part of several other contracts. Some of these are highlighted below - please call your customer service representative at Toll Free at 800-788-1028 to request a full list of our contracts.

The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ)

Contract Number: ESCNJ 17/18-16 
Contract Name: General Furniture & Accessories 
Effective Dates: 07/02/2017 through 07/01/2018
EXTENDED:  07/02/2018 through 07/01/2019;  EXTENDED:  07/02/2019 through 07/01/2020


KCDA Purchasing Cooperative

Contract Number: 20-130 
Contract Name: General Furniture 
Effective Dates: 11/01/2019 through 10/31/2020


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) 

Contract Number: MC11-C07 
Contract Name: Furniture 
Effective Dates: 07/01/21015 through 06/30/2018
Extended through 06/30/2019  ** Extended through 06/30/2020 **


University of Wisconsin-Madison Contract 

Contract Number: 18-5665 
Contract Name: Miscellaneous Educational Related Furniture & Furniture-Related Accessories 
Effective Dates: 10/01/2017 through 09/30/2020