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The college dining facility has become one big living and social area. No one just sits and eats. They come to eat, talk, read and collaborate. You must design it with flexible furniture that accommodates electronic, backpacks, group discussions and eating.

The concept of “Third Space” is born out of our understanding of how technology is changing the way people work and how it has connected different spaces within the workplace and learning environments.  The “Third Space” is the space in between your dorm and classroom.  It is space that technology has allowed to be productive space.

Palmer Hamilton promotes and provides sustainable design, practices and products in every project. Assistance in “LEED” projects and sustainable practices are a standard part of every facility we design. 

Palmer Hamilton provides a turn-key service, including pre-design consultation with students and staff, design presentations and selection of furnishings, all the way through manufacturing and installation – all coordinated and managed by one team.  

Sustainability good for all.

"Just wanted you to know that the Hive system is installed and looks superb, with students filling it both inside and out."  – Colorado State – Lory Student Center – Mike Ellis, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Executive Director

Higher Ed Design Brochure | Design Process Brochure

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